The Case Against Charlie Baker


Despite gas leaks throughout the state, Charlie Baker ignored federal warnings that the DPU needed 10 gas line and utility inspectors. At the time of September explosions in three towns north of Boston, there were only TWO inspectors. Meanwhile there continue to be gas leaks throughout the state.

Charlie awarded Eversource, New England’s largest energy provider the job of restoring power to the Merrimack Valley; Eversource executives contributed more than $13,000 to Charlie’s campaign.


Charlie’s budget priorities have caused serious service cuts to people in rural and underserved communities that rely on the Regional Transit Authority, creating hardships for poor, elderly and disabled residents


Charlie has made significant cuts to elementary and secondary education and favors lifting the ban on charter schools, which will take additional funding from public schools.

Charlie’s proposed budget has cut 140,000 working poor from MassHealth.

Charlie dismissed as a small glitch the failure the Department of Revenue to cut checks for 2000 clients of the Department of Children and Families. The failure came about because of a new computer program implemented by the Baker Administration.


Although Charlie signed the Criminal Justice Reform Act, he immediately offered legislation to restore mandatory sentencing minimums AND the death penalty.


Charlie has openly endorsed and fundraised for Rep. Jim Lyons who opposes immigration, choice, and gay marriage and favors so-called conversion therapy.  

He has also endorsed Geoff Diehl, who led the Trump campaign in Massachusetts and certainly would have voted for Brett Kavanaugh.

After Charlottesville, Charlie announced that states wishing to fly the Confederate flag should have that right, notwithstanding that the flag is a symbol of slavery and treason.